Professional Acting (member of SAG-AFTRA)

The Big Leap


Somebody Somewhere


The Onion


Pleading Guilty


Trolli Candy


GEICO Garage

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Ep. 109 - Manager - FOX


Ep. 102 - Server - HBO


Multimedia - "College Newspaper..." - Pub. 8/23/12, 3/27/15

Commercial - Principal Actor - Bark Productions

Pilot - Noah Grainger - 20th Century Fox TV

Commercial - Principal Actor - Bernstein Rein

Commercial - Principal - Scahferi, Condon, Carter

Commercials - Lauren Wallace - The Martin Agency

Multimedia - Lauren Wallace - Artworks Hollywood, Inc.

Commercial - Principal - McGarry Bowen

TV & Multimedia

d. Jude Weng


d. Robert Cohen

d. Jermain Affonso

d. Pete Meyer

d. Jon Avnet

d. Rob Morrow

d. Leroy Koetz

d. Chris Smith

d. Jo Talbot

d. Robert Smith

Short Films & Sketch

A Visit With Rale


Boogie Dreams

Everything is Going to be Fine


Video Dollar$

What's the Deal?

F**king Millennials

The Leviathan

The Bet

Dingus Wishes

Paul (lead) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

Man (lead) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

Ronny (lead) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

Principal Actor - Short Film, Duck Pond Productions

Ben (lead) - Short Film, Northwestern University

Larry Bergman (lead) - Sketch, Ramis Lampoon

Tyson (lead) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

Ted (supporting) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

Luke (supporting) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

Mr. Sweater (supporting) - Short Film, Harold Ramis Film School

d. Sean Beck

d. Summer Pixton

d. Monk Henshaw

d. Ben Flaherty

d. Eric Bodge

d. Calli Ryals

d. Erikson Dockery

d. Logan Bowes

d. Alyssa Wilden

d. Elvira Ibragimova


Dark at the Top of the Stairs


Chicago SketchFest 2016

Play - Sonny (lead) - American Theater Company

Play - Dan Tollison (supporting) - Fusion Theater

Sketch Festival - Group: "Wilson!" - Stage 773

d. Damon Kiely

w. Phillip Dawkins

w. Wilson!